Prophetic Word for 2013 (Part 1): The Great Fall

Part 1- The Great Fall
Part 2- After the Bottom Falls Out A New Life Has Come
Part 3 – The Year of The Great Fall
Part 4 – After the Fall Comes Grace

Whether “fallen from grace”
Or falling in place
Because of the faith that you hold

It takes courage and strength
A heart that repents
And knees that are willing to fold

Knowing God has the power
(His time and His hour)
To raise you back up to His status

But, oh, what a thrill
The fall is so real
There’s nothing but you and the stratus

First comes correction
Next, your resurrection
(The cross, to the grave, then on high)

Confined to your bed
They claimed you were dead
But God said, “No, he’s alive!”

So don’t be dismayed
When the burden is laid
On the backs of those He’s appointed

Through the storm and the rain
Sometimes sickness and pain
You’re the vessel that He has anointed

If you have an assignment
There is no confinement
To block it from coming to pass

This world and the earth
Will see famine and dearth
But God’s word and God’s love will outlast

No matter the fall
The promise or call
There’s a plan beyond your belief

When you’re safe on your feet
After taking that leap
We’ll all know whose Jehovah is Chief.

Written 7/28/12 until 8/2/12

2 Responses to “Prophetic Word for 2013 (Part 1): The Great Fall”


  2. The Lord has anointed you as a voice to the nations. May His hand of grace continually cover you. May your humility continue to be evident, as the Holy Ghost is surely with you.

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