Prophetic Word for 2013 {Part 4}: After The Fall Comes Grace

First pride,
Then disaster,
An “arrogant look,”
A fall thereafter

When pride shows up
So does disgrace
But after the fall
Comes wisdom and grace 

– Malchishuah New

Inspired by
Proverbs 11:2
Proverbs 16:18

3 Responses to “Prophetic Word for 2013 {Part 4}: After The Fall Comes Grace”

  1. October 2012
    This is for you Malchishuah New.

    I speak well of you says the Lord. The promotion is yours. I am crowning you in the mist of a crisis for my purpose and Glory. I have given you a raise in the spirit. Your cup is overflowing. Goodness and mercy are your bodyguards. Because of your sacrifice I have elevated your oil. Do not sell yourself, I am promoting you. I am speaking of your excellence and diligence into the ears of selected hearers, yes I am escorting you to the front of the line David. Fear not. You are heavily guarded. I have prepared you and I AM with you. You bare the mantle of victory as my servant David did. I have anointed you to raise the standard. Continue to stand on the Rock. You will execute my judgements (decisions) in your domain by my spirit through my grace. I have released the anointing of double honor upon your life. I have made the final cut and have authorized my signature on your life in this due season. Yes, I am endorsing you in your land because of your submission. I have commanded the favor on your life to open closed doors (hearts). Yes your time, your set time has come.
    Blessings to you.

  2. Yes, Holy Spirit. I surrender to Your will. Keep my face to the ground as I listen to Your footsteps guide me all the way.

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