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Prophetic Word for 2013 (Part 1): The Great Fall

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Part 1- The Great Fall
Part 2- After the Bottom Falls Out A New Life Has Come
Part 3 – The Year of The Great Fall
Part 4 – After the Fall Comes Grace

Whether “fallen from grace”
Or falling in place
Because of the faith that you hold

It takes courage and strength
A heart that repents
And knees that are willing to fold

Knowing God has the power
(His time and His hour)
To raise you back up to His status

But, oh, what a thrill
The fall is so real
There’s nothing but you and the stratus

First comes correction
Next, your resurrection
(The cross, to the grave, then on high)

Confined to your bed
They claimed you were dead
But God said, “No, he’s alive!”

So don’t be dismayed
When the burden is laid
On the backs of those He’s appointed

Through the storm and the rain
Sometimes sickness and pain
You’re the vessel that He has anointed

If you have an assignment
There is no confinement
To block it from coming to pass

This world and the earth
Will see famine and dearth
But God’s word and God’s love will outlast

No matter the fall
The promise or call
There’s a plan beyond your belief

When you’re safe on your feet
After taking that leap
We’ll all know whose Jehovah is Chief.

Written 7/28/12 until 8/2/12

Prophetic Word for 2013 {Part 2}: After The Bottom Falls Out A New Life Has Come

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Written October 25, 2012 

A true new life experience requires a personal encounter with the King.  You are challenged to walk away from everything… EVERYTHING.

Your family
Your friends
Your houses
Your ends ($$$)

Opinions and doubts
Your fears and your pain
It’s starting to rain

You’re stripped to the core
It’s starting to pour
You’re naked and cold
Exposed to your soul

The bottom falls out
You’re left in the drought
You cry and you pray

The clouds start to form
A new life is born
The old fades away
You see a new day

New vision
New friends
New purpose
New ends ($$$)

A kiss from the King,
A robe and a ring,

He covers your shame
Then gives you His name
He makes you His wife
And gives you new life

– Malchishuah New

Inspired by
Isaiah 54 (The Rejected Wife)
Luke 15:11-32 (The Prodigal Son)

Prophetic Word for 2013 {Part 3}: The Year of the Great Fall

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Written November 25, 2012 5:25 am

For those of you who humbled yourselves and listened to the Holy Spirit’s command in 2012 to get your house in order, 2013 will be your best year yet.  Prepare to meet the King.

But for those of you who did not take God’s voice seriously, refusing to get oil for your lamps, to prepare for one of the most devastating years that will mark history, the only word I have for you is “brace yourself.”

A great fall is coming.  It will affect the Body of Christ greatly.  Every heart will be tested.  Every home will be tested.  Every church will be tested.  Callings will be tested.  Families will be tested.  Friendships will be tested.

A torch from heaven is coming to light the oil in your lamps.  If there is no oil in your lamps, you will walk around in utter darkness, groping desperately for someone to lead your way.

Oh, how my heart pleads for the church!  Repent while it is still day.  Seek God’s face while He may be found.  He is faithful to forgive.  His mercy endures forever.

There is none who will be excused from the coming test.  The Holy Spirit has warned each heart across the globe to prepare his heart.  The test is coming!

There will be a great falling away.  Pride has turned our faces away from the cross and has lifted up our own agendas.  This fall will be great.  This fall will be the kind of fall where no one but the hand of God can help you back up.  This fall will test the heart of man.

Humility is our only hope.  God has promised anyone who has fallen that he/she will be raised to a greater status, greater than that which he once lived, if he humbles his heart and repents.

This fall is not meant to kill but to heal, build character, strengthen, and develop a new and deeper revelation of the love of God.

During this process, faith will grow through the study of God’s word.  Purpose and vision will become clear.  Miracles will be seen.  Testimonies will be made.

A fire from heaven is coming to burn away the old and make way for the new.  The Holy Spirit is burning away the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life from our hearts, so that we can be a “ready church,” effectively gathering souls from the four corners of the earth, preparing them to meet the King before that great and dreadful day of the Lord.

Judgment is also falling on those who mishandle God’s fallen.  We are to bear our brother’s and sister’s burden in prayer, as God takes His time to correct and resurrect them.  A meeker generation is rising up in the earth, one that can be entrusted with God’s power and wealth.  God’s church will enlarge rapidly.

The Holy Spirit is burning the “Me” out of the Mega Church.  The Lord is separating the wheat from the tares and the goats from His sheep, and it will begin with the great fall.

May the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Jesus Christ.

Malchishuah New

Prophetic Word for 2013 {Part 4}: After The Fall Comes Grace

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First pride,
Then disaster,
An “arrogant look,”
A fall thereafter

When pride shows up
So does disgrace
But after the fall
Comes wisdom and grace 

– Malchishuah New

Inspired by
Proverbs 11:2
Proverbs 16:18